Happy Hearts is a wonderful, bright purpose built centre specifically designed to create a happy environment that meets the needs of all children. We cater for babies, toddlers and preschoolers in separate generous sized spaces, where they have the opportunity to explore, discover and grow.


The early years are a special time and we are dedicated to ensuring all children are genuinely cared for by passionate teachers who have the wellbeing of the child as their priority. We are dedicated to providing a nurturing environment that has high quality education and care practices that are appropriate for all stages of a child’s development.

We encourage children’s learning through experimentation, exploration and play. Our project investigations holistically incorporate all aspects of the curriculum, which includes song, music, drama, art, movement and the natural world. Our resources are tailored to the interests and developmental levels of the child, and provide plenty of opportunity for their extension. As they approach school age our programmes develop the very important foundation skills of numeracy and literacy. We recognise that it is a significant event when your child moves from preschool to school and this is reflected in the curriculum within our transition to school programme.

Te Wharaki, the early childhood curriculum, and its strands focusing on well being, belonging, contribution, communication and exploration are interwoven throughout all we do. Children are encouraged to take turns, share, care and listen to others, as well as talk about what is on their mind. It also means they will know limits and boundaries of acceptable behaviour, contributing to a happy and secure environment. 

We welcome children from all walks of life, and we welcome input from family and the wider community, and embrace their contribution to our centre and to each child’s development.

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