Our Philosophy

Happy Hearts was designed and built for happy children.
Our team of fully qualified and experienced teachers care for babies, toddlers, and pre-schoolers, each in their own age-appropriate room with their own Head Teacher.

A customised curriculum delivered with creativity, fun and flair

Te Whãriki educates children on limits and boundaries of acceptable behavior, which contributes to happy and secure relationships. 
These strands are interwoven throughout all we plan and all we do - wellbeing, belonging, contribution, communication, and exploration.
Teachers ensure there is a focus on taking turns, sharing, caring and listening to others, as well as talking about what they think and feel.

Te Whãriki, the early childhood curriculum and its strands, are at the heart of our curriculum

All our spaces provide the opportunity to explore, discover and grow.
We offer a safe and spacious play area with resources for physical and imaginative play. Our outside play environment includes wet-weather areas for children to engage in outdoor play and breathe fresh air - even on rainy days.

Off-street parking for safe drop off and pick up

Experimentation, Exploration, Play.
Our focus and themes are always child-led. The children let us know what they are interested in, and we explore that topic through song, music, drama, art, movement and the natural world.

Our home-made meals are nutritious and delicious 

Transition to School Programme

As the children approach school age, Room 3 offers a unique programme promoting competency in early literacy and numeracy skills, along with the development of gross and fine motor skills, especially hand & eye co-ordination.We recognize that it is a significant event when your child moves from pre-school to school and this programme is led by Andrea who was herself, a primary school teacher.
We provide children with many experiences that they will encounter in a primary school class - such as being encouraged to sit and focus on specific tasks, mat times, news sharing, turn taking and other school-level expectations.

Once a fortnight the oldest 8 children visit Riverhead School to experience what school is like, thus helping make the transition easier when they turn 5.

All Happy Hearts graduates have a graduation ceremony marking this special transition in their life