Our Philosophy

At Happy Hearts we strive to ensure that all children truly are the heart of the matter.
We are dedicated to quality care and positive outcomes for all children.  We believe trust, compassion and respect is the foundation of our environment, with love and care at the core of all that we do.

We are passionate educators dedicated to the well-being of all children in our care

We are a dedicated, reflective and knowledgeable team who are collectively committed to fostering the learner's approach. We are committed to providing an environment where all children are respected as individuals and all children’s contributions are valued. 
We celebrate uniqueness and value each child as an individual

We are committed to offering a learning environment that empowers children to be curious, courageous and to believe in themselves.  An environment that values learning as a holistic journey. Children are encouraged to use initiative and creativity to foster wonder.
A customised curriculum delivered with creativity, fun and flair

We support children to become confident learners through patience, understanding and giving them time and space to explore in our safe environment.  Children can then freely develop the essential skills for lifelong learning such as independence, resilience, determination and perseverance.
Learning through play, exploration and safe experience 

Our core values and beliefs are strongly guided by Te Whãriki, our Early Childhood Curriculum.  Children and whãnau are central to all of our planning and decision making.  We take into consideration the ethnic diversity of every child and their family in order to enhance good communication between parents, whānau and community.

Te Whãriki and its strands are at the heart of our curriculum

Relationships with family and community are held in high regard. This enables us to work collaboratively for the best outcomes for children and whanau. We ensure an awareness and appreciation of the bi-cultural heritage of our country, and that Te Reo is woven into our daily practice.

Happy Hearts and Home – working together