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Learning Through Play ... On-Line ?!!!

As Early Educators we think it is vital to still focus on our curriculum and continue to teach the children whenever we connect with them - even durung lock-down. Adhering to Te Whãriki is still important, and we have been able to weave some of these outcomes into our LIVE sessions .

Te Reo is still used and encouraged when communicating with the children, as is encouraging learning alongside others. Being able to see their peers at a virtual mat time is an important activity for this outcome. Muting the microphone so others can hear the teacher is a strategy which helps a child to respect the needs of others in a group .

Taking turns and valuing stories and literature are themes explored during our virtual mat times.

And of course – the most significant theme we can explore during this time is the goal of understanding how to keep safe from harm, and develop a capacity and tolerance towards sudden change and surprise.

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