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"Infants need the security of knowing that their emotional and physical needs will be met in predictable ways"
Your child’s usual routine is balanced with play experiences including painting, play-dough, sensory activities, puzzles and more. Babies can roll, climb and explore, happy and safe in their own outdoor area.
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"Children make discoveries through play"
The development of skills and behaviours align to our fixed play structures such as sandpits, bike tracks, messy play, climbing, running and more. We focus on Child-Led Learning to develop Self-Help and Self-Confidence.
The end result is a bright and cheerful learning atmosphere.
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"We are dedicated to fostering the love of learning"
A huge indoor/outdoor room with resources carefully selected to support learning and develop skills. Our Transition-to-School Programme familiarises our pre-schoolers with the classroom and lessons on oral language, literacy, numeracy, creativity, music and project investigations.

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The Early Years are an age of discovery - of one's Surroundings, one's Self and one's Choices.

Happy Hearts is a bright, purpose-built centre, staffed by highly-qualified teachers dedicated to quality education and nurturing practices for babies, toddlers, and pre-schoolers.

Your child will enjoy their own separate, age-appropriate room - each with their own Head Teacher - where an educational focus makes learning fun. 


The early years are a special time, and we ensure all children are genuinely cared for by passionate teachers who have the well-being of your child as their priority.
Whether it be
Experimentation, Exploration or Play, our focus and themes are always child-led. The children let us know what they are interested in, and we explore that topic through song, music, drama, art, movement and the natural world.

All our spaces provide the opportunity for physical and imaginative play. The outside play environment includes wet-weather areas for children to engage in outdoor play and breathe fresh air, even on rainy days.

Our custom Transition-to-School programme is a hit with both parents and children.
As they approach school age, Room 3 offers a
unique programme involving numeracy, literacy, social skills and preparing children for school-level expectations. This includes school visits, thus helping ease the transition when they turn 5.

All Happy Hearts graduates
celebrate with a graduation ceremony marking this special transition in their life.

Why Happy Hearts?



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Each with their
own head teacher


Happy Hearts is a purpose-built early learning centre offering 3 separat rooms to accomodate babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers
is a purpose built centre offering 3 separate rooms to accommodate

happy hearts

babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers

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We work with StoryPark to
document and support your child's learning, together

Engage with your child’s development
in your own private Storypark community
A trusted on-line journal of their progress

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Our Directors John and Alina Cook take an active part every day at Happy Hearts.


Always on hand to meet with parents, support teachers or ensure the smooth running of the centre, they both believe in being part of and supporting the community. ​


Happy Hearts is a regular sponsor of community events in the local area. ​


We regularly communicate and update parents via our monthly newsletter. Stay informed and in touch.



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